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Control your personal expenses.

Home Control ERP (enterprise resource planning) - coplete control under the household finances.


Need help with your household finances?! Why don't you try using Home Control ERP! It is only one click away!
Home Control ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an application with a primary function of gathering inputs like bills (e.g. utilities or grocery bills), income, costs, expenditures, expenses and others. This way you keep track of your income and future expenditures or expenses. Providing that information to the application, you get detailed statistics, and as a user, complete control over your home finances. Not only do you get to see your financial history status, but also to plan your cash flow.

Main features:

The main job of this web service is to process, analyze, evaluate and interpret results from the data or information being entered by the users. There are features in it which helps the software generate the data being inputted and later on provide output for it. Enjoy using it! ;)

Financial forms - input all your incomes and expenses.
Bills per months - see your expenses per months on statistic page
Planning costs and incomes - plan your incomes and costs
Fixed and variable costs
Summarized costs view
Dynamic costs

Features currently under development:

Export to excel


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